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X-TremeFun is a company specialized in providing services for parties and children's events in Florida/USA.

We have several services and a team of professionals experienced in developing actions aimed at children.

The school calendar events are our area of ​​expertise and our goal is to win smiles wherever we go.

Our activities offered are programmed with all the attention needed to deliver a memorable day. We want our events to be unforgettable and to exceed the expectations of our customers and, above all, children.

What We Do

X-TremeFun goes beyond what you can imagine!

We bring simple and effective solutions for your event, with professionalism and experience.
Mission, Vision, Values

to the success of
your event


Bring simple and efficient solutions for your event, implement a new concept in event for children, bringing leisure and educational content with appropriate language and lots of fun.


To be recognized as the best event organization company in Florida


Social Responsibility is the only way to grow in a fairer society.

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